Effect of Air Pressure on Drum Sets

As you all are well aware of the effect that air pressure can have on a variety of things can range anywhere from insignificance all the way to the tremendous impact. That brings me to why want to write an article about the effect of air pressure on drum sets. Specifically, I want to comment on the effect of air pressure on kids drum sets.

As you’re well aware children’s drum sets are generally much smaller than an adult drum set. While they may have all the same components it made from the same materials, their sizes much much smaller.

Because of this, any impact that air pressure has on the drum sets is going to have much more of an impact on a children’s drum set and it went on an adult drum set.

With your pressure actually has an effect on the drum set is that it makes the skin on the drum become much much tighter. With that means is that when used first tie in the snare you’re going to want to make it be a little looser than you normally would if you are at sea level. If the skin on the snare is a bit too tight, then there’s the chance that it’s going to tear if you’re banging away hard on your drums.

In addition to this, you’re going to realize that the bass hits a bit harder when you’re at a higher altitude than when you’re at sea level. Actually, every sound that you make on your drum set is going to resonate a bit more when at a higher altitude. Because the air pressure is much lower and there is less density and air molecules, sound is freer to travel much farther and louder distances.

For those of you that are actually on tour and are drumming along the way, you’re definitely going to want to take note of this. Whatever concert that you may have in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is going to so much different if you do in the mile high melons of Denver Colorado.

Make sure that you take ample time to warm up, particularly on your drum set that you’re going be using at the concert, because you most definitely don’t want to going to the concert cold without knowing at the effects of the air pressure is going to have in your drum set. As you may know, drumming really ties the whole band together, so you don’t want to mess that up.

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