Moisture on Drum Sets

If there’s anything that you definitely don’t want to get onto your drum set that is moisture. Whether it’s a light drizzle from a rain or a freezing snow during the wintertime you most definitely want to keep your drum set as dry as possible. Moisture onto your drum set is actually one of the leading causes that people will get tears inside of their drum set for.

Once your drum set has been affected by moisture is actually incredibly hard to replace it, unless you have one of the newer more expensive drum kits that easily of replaceable parts.

What moisture dresses is it seeps into the skin on all your drums and then it just stays there. Even if you’re to take an air dryer to it or if you were to leave it outside and bask in the sun, all that moisture is most definitely not going to get out. The reason for this is that the skin on the drum set is generally made from a much thicker material than you’ll find on really any other kind of product.

So what this means for you is that once the moisture gets into the skin of the drum set, it’s going to go on to the inner flap of the skin that’s on your drum set and just simply sit there. The hairdryer nor the sun is going to be able to penetrate that thick skin.

I always advise people to do their absolute best and never getting moisture on their drums. Sometimes though it is very unavoidable to do so. However, take some precautions by looking at the local weather forecast make sure that if you are going to be playing outside that you have some kind of tent over you. Seriously, it may take away from the aesthetics of your band’s concert, but it’s going to save you a lot of money and frustration in the long run by not getting your drum set wet.

Also, measure how many of you have actually played on moist drums before, but the sound is absolutely awful. Instead of having the rich sound filled the air, and actually fills the oxygen that’s in the moisture that’s on the drum set. Therefore your sound is not going to carry one bit is actually going to have a very shallow sound to it. Your customers are definitely going to hate the sound that is coming on your drum set if it’s wet.

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