The Best Drum Performance Ever

The best drum performance effort most definitely goes to the drummer from Metallica, Lars Ulrich. Lars Ulrich’s performance was done at mile high Stadium in Denver Colorado during the 1980 tour. It was a bright sunny day with absolutely not a cloud in the sky. They were actually supposed to be the cover band for AC/DC that day.

So that means is that pretty much no one came to see Metallica, because they haven’t exactly risen to the ultimate allow fame that they’re going to have. However, that didn’t deter Lars Ulrich from really giving the heart stopping performance.

Legend has it that Lars Ulrich bought a brand-new drum set that Dane had never played before Ansley went on stage. Typically when you purchase a new drum set you’re definitely going to want to break it in. The skin on the drum set is going to be extremely tight or extremely loose, and are most definitely going to have to fine-tune it.

Also you have to get used to the placement of all the symbols and the snares on your new drum set. It generally takes people a few months to get used to their new drum set, but I guess Lars Ulrich was able to overcome this because he is awesome.

As soon as the lights went out in the stadium and the spotlight went on to Metallica, Lars Ulrich became in the zone. He began banging away on his drum set and what became known as one of the most iconic drum performances in the history of music.

It’s the been debated actually whether or not it was actually Lars already playing or if it was simply recording. Typically when you go to a concert there’s going to be mistakes between songs. Absolutely no one is perfect. However Lars Ulrich gave the absolute perfect performance on his brand-new drum set. It was something out of the record books.

I’ll never forget when my parents first told me about this epic drum solo. They would always talk about how much of a God Lars Ulrich was by playing on a brand-new drum set. I had no idea that it was that hard and so I picked up my first drum set myself. I figured I’d be okay at it but until I was actually able to get use the placement of everything on the drum set I didn’t do a very good job. There really goes to show how great a drummer Lars Ulrich was.

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