Why Drummers Prefer Playing High.. Altitudes

If you’re to take a survey of all the drummers across the nation and asked them whether or not they prefer playing in a higher altitude are more toward sea level, the majority of them are going to have an overwhelming decision that they would rather play at a high altitude.

This may seem counter-intuitive given that the majority of the practice is going to be more toward sea level as opposed to the raising high peaks of mountain ranges. However, there easily able to overlook that because of the advantage to playing at a higher altitude gives drummers.

One of the best things about drumming is a group to produce a very rich, resonating sound that can easily fill any type of amphitheater. When you’re playing in it environment that has very low air pressure, your drum sound is going to absolutely carry. There’s going to be very little hindrance for it to reach the depths of all your customers your canals.

If you ever listen any of the best drum solos that have ever been made, you would see that all of them up and performed that concert set up and played high altitudes. You can look at the drum set all you want an attribute that to the reasoning behind it, but there’s only so much power a drum set is going to give you.

Okay, yes, the drum set definitely matters. If you have a high quality drum set than there is probably a higher chance even have a better concert. However, that doesn’t mean that you can have an inferior drum set and not have a good concert. It’s actually quite the opposite. The majority of the skill level is determined by the drummer himself, not the drum set.

Back to the topic at hand. Drummers absolutely love playing at higher altitudes to because your customers are going to be a little bit more lightheaded, therefore any sound that they hear is going to be more aesthetically pleasing. You’re producing a nice rich sound that will really resonate to everyone’s ears and it’s only amplified when it’s at a higher altitude.

Remember folks, the drummer is the heart of the band so if you’re having an All-Star performance, which generally happens at a higher altitude, customers are definitely going to love your band.

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